Nmap and Flan Scan Technical Segment

In this technical segment, I showed how to customize Nmap and Cloudflare’s Flanscan project to create HTML or JSON reports from Nmap scans running in containers.


This technical segment covers working with Nmap Vulners and Flan Scan for vulnerability scanning. You can download the instructions for this technical segment here.


  • The Flan Scan docker container with Nmap and Vulners is available for quick and easy conversion of XML to HTML output.
  • Using Linux capabilities, including net raw, grants non-root users the abilities of root users for Nmap.
  • A new container was created to run the latest version of Nmap without relying on various Linux distributions.
  • While Flan Scan has not been updated often, it is still a useful tool with the potential for CSV exporting.
  • False positives can occur when using Vulners, but a solution is covered in an upcoming webinar.