Cybersecurity Podcasts:

Non-Cybersecurity Podcasts:

  • My First Million – Perhaps the best business podcast. When you listen, you’ll want to go start a new project or business. Yea, it’s that good.
  • The Jordan Harbinger Show – If you asked me to pick one non-cybersecurity podcast, this may be it. Jordan interviews interesting people and has interesting conversations and may be the best podcast at doing this. I also love this podcast’s “Skeptical Sundays” series, where they debunk things.
  • Joe Rogan – I don’t listen to every episode, but at least once a month or so he has a guest on that I enjoy listening to.
  • Linux Unplugged – They do cover interesting Linux topics. However, its a little too heavy on talking about the actual podcast itself, podcasting 2.0, “Boosts”, blips, bleeps, matrix chats, mumble, etc…
  • Linux Lads
  • Late Night Linux
  • Hardware Addicts
  • This Week In Linux